"Samir's tire class was a game-changer for me. I realised how neglectful I had been with tire data until now. I just completed my FIRST race weekend after taking your tire class. I qualified on pole and won both races on a wet track. I had excellent grip and a 25-second gap to second - against faster cars - in only a 10 lap race. Thank you for creating this class!"

Jeff Giordano
Mazda MX5 Race Driver | Tyre Master

Tyres Are Your Untapped Superpower, I Promise…

It doesn’t matter how many years you spend at the track – if you don’t learn how your tyre’s underlying mechanisms work, your mental models will always be off.

Tyres are a highly complex, non-linear component that also happens to be the most important tuning device on your car.

Tyres are your performance foundation.

If you want to see dramatic improvements in your lap times, then tyres are where you need to start; not suspension, aerodynamics, engine tuning, or even driver coaching.

All of these areas depend on your tyres being in their happy place for you to succeed.

If your tyres are not happy, anything else you do is like building a castle on quicksand. You just wouldn’t.

Simple Measurements Can Give You All You Need

By gathering data like tyre pressures, tyre temperatures, and even driver feedback, you can get more grip, better balance, and clear direction for tuning all the more interesting parts of your car.

Even better, once you understand your tyres, you’ll be able to make confident setup decisions about how you can get more grip from any tyres, on any track, and in any weather.

How Do You Learn The Secrets To Better Tyre Performance?

Well, you can spend countless hours pouring over the dense - and remarkably pricy - engineering texts, and then spend a few years trying to apply the theories in practice.

That’s what I did. It was undeniably effective – the end result is incredibly worthwhile – but the journey was long, arduous and extremely expensive.

I want to help you learn everything you need to know about how to maximise your tyres, faster and more effectively.

Over the past year, I've distilled all that knowledge and experience into a comprehensive online course.

I call it...

Master Your Tyres

Your Keys To Unlocking Consistently Faster Lap Times… Every Time

“Holly hell! This is great!.. I feel like I’m cheating using this. There are trade secrets in the Smart Run Sheet!”

John Santiago
Senior Instructor, NASA Great Lakes, USA

"Wow! I knew this course would be great, but it exceeded my expectations. It’s the practical tools and suggestions that I can actually use at the track that makes this course super valuable. If I was still actively competing as a driver I would not want my competitors to know about your course! 😊 Congrats on what you’ve accomplished… and thank you!"

Ross Bentley
Indycar Driver and Coach | Speed Secrets

Hi, I'm Samir...

...a vehicle dynamics engineer with a passion for motorsports. With experience in designing suspension systems for top road and racing car companies such as Multimatic Motorsports and Aston Martin, and having owned a performance engineering consultancy for Olympic and professional sports, I have long been involved in racing at the club level.

Despite my background, understanding tyres initially presented a challenge for me. To learn more, I invested heavily in all the engineering books and tested many different ideas in practice to navigate the many competing theories.

Rolling forward a few years, after successfully teaching hundreds of students how to get more grip from their tyres, I distilled my years of knowledge and experience into the "Master Your Tyres" course. This continuously improving course includes insights that many pro teams would prefer I keep to myself...

Join me on this journey towards tyre mastery and become more confident in getting the most grip and best handling balance for your car, in any weather, on any track. Past students have significantly reduced their lap times, and I can't wait to see what you can achieve too.
Samir Abid

"I believe there is nothing more important than tires. In DTM, they account for at least 75% of the work during a race weekend, second only to the driver. The course is really impressive! It strikes a good balance between comprehensive content and practicality. Your practical approach makes it easy to go through the material."

Jorge Segers
Race Engineer & Author, DTM @ AF CORSE

"Resounding Success! Best laps (yes, plural!!) were a full 1.5secs faster than the class track record, first time out!"

Jason Bleak
Spec Miata Racer | Tyre Master

Watch FREE a Lesson

One of 40+ bite-sized premium lessons (Try playing it at 1.25x speed 😉)

"I'm extremely glad I took this course, despite my initial concerns about the materials and participants being too advanced. There were a several "Aha!" moments for me.

Overall, I measure the worth of a course by the level of energy it leaves me with and its ability to help me improve. In both regards, this course has been successful, and I'm confident it will further enhance my performance. Samir, you possess a great attitude and aptitude for motorsports. Thank you."

Bill Holder
Trackday HPDE Driver | Tyre Master

What You Can Expect

A Tyre Mastery Supercharge 😎

40+ Self-Paced Lessons

You get over 3 hours of self-paced lessons and practise, arranged in 3 modules (Core, Advanced, Pro) containing 40+ bite-sized lessons and practise exercises to match your schedule.

You'll learn about tyre pressures, temperatures, how tyres work and how to exploit them as a driver. Each module builds on the last in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step way. See full curriculum below.

Track Tyre Tuning Guide

Your essential guide to perfectly setting your tyre pressures and temperatures. Get more grip, better handling and faster lap times with these simple, actionable tips and tricks.

This 48 page ebook covers the fundamental knowledge and forms the foundation of the course.

Smart Run Sheet

The hidden gem of this programme, this Excel tool is designed to take you beyond the "book knowledge" and support you in implementing everything you learn in practice.

Developed over a year in a competitive racing environment, the tool is designed to help you get organised and make the most of the tyre data you are collecting.

Think of it as a template from which to build upon. Expect ample practice and guidance on how to maximise the potential of this tool.

+ Champions Get More👇

Lifetime Course Access plus...

Private Community of Practise

Also immediately after joining, you’ll get an invitation to join our private community space.

This is where you can ask questions, learn from your peers, and share your success when you hit the track.

10x Bonus Workshops

Get all the workshops from all the past cohorts. Each 1 hour duration, they give you my key highlights from each module. We go into more depth on each area and you get to learn from the extensive Q+A we had with past students.

3x of the workshops are with famous Indy Car and coaching legend, Ross Bentley. Ross adds another dimension from the drivers perspective, areas include:
- Self Coaching,
- Feeling the Limit
- Mastering Wet Weather driving, that is also covered extensively in the main course.

If you know Ross Bentley, you'll know his insights are worth the price of admission alone!

3x Study Guides

Taking your own notes is the most effective way to learn. That's why I've created comprehensive study guides for each module. Over 120 pages, with concise summaries, three key takeaways, and time-coded quick reference sections.

The guides have ample space for your notes and are designed to enhance your learning experience. These are new resources for this cohort, part of our continuous program improvements.

Champion's Hub

The brand new Champions Course Hub is your one-stop solution for easy access to all resources, lessons, and live workshops.

No more juggling logins or systems. It features a growing library of on-demand workshops, weekly program updates, and quick access to lessons and community. We've made it simple, accessible, and effective for you.

Completion Certificate

When you complete the full Champion programme you will be able to download a personalised completion certificate – each with a unique verifiable id.

This can be useful to claim reimbursement from your employer (or sponsor!), to share on social media 👉 or print out and hang on the wall 😉

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