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Do you ever feel like...

  • You would be more successful on track if you were clearer on how to setup and drive your car?

  • You are confused by why you are not faster?

  • You are overwhelmed when interpreting your data or trying to work out your best car setup?

  • You are keen to learn more about race engineering topics but find formal textbooks too heavy ?

  • You would rather spend less time mucking about with technology and more time driving and having fun?

Answer yes to any of those?


  • Being on front running pace... everywhere!

  • Having a perfectly balanced track car... always!

  • Knowing precisely what to do (and WHY) to get the best performance in any scenario on track.

This is 100% possible for you - I know because I've been there too. These resources will make you the best prepared, most confident and/or most assured driver, coach and mechanic in the amateur paddock.

No more relying on paddock-folklore for you!

About Samir Abid

Founder & Coach Samir Abid

Hi there, I’m Samir Abid, race engineer and club racer from Warwick, UK.

I help drivers work out how they can go faster on track. An engineer, driver coach and educator, I help motorsports folks simplifying the complexity, filling in the gaps and learn from the pro's.

In my career, I've developed tyre and suspension systems for brands such as Aston Martin and Multimatic Motorsports. Unusually, I've also helped professional sports teams to win 46 Olympic gold medals and Eliud Kipchogue to be the first man ever to run a marathon in under 2 hours.

During these experiences, I have seen the struggles, frustration and intimidation people have with numbers, data and setup. I’m excited to share a few of my most useful insights, practical tips and tricks through these resources.