The Motorsports Playbook Vol 1 [video lessons]

A curated collection of bite-size lessons from episodes 1-20 of the Your Data Driven Podcast.
Battle-hardened wisdom from the worlds best motorsports professionals - distilled into 42 video lessons on Driving, Coaching & Race Engineering.

The Motorsports Playbook [Vol 1]

42 short video lessons - including 3x, exclusive to this format, BONUS lessons on Sponsorship.

Whether you are wondering:
  • How to manage your nerves?
  • How the best drivers brake?
  • How you should setup your race car for the wet?
  • What dampers really do (and why dampers are so important!)
  • How you can be a great driver coach, 
  • What is the best way to run a test day, or 
  • What the club racer can learn from how a Formula 1 team operates - then all of that is covered and more ... 
Use these online lessons to:
  • Improve your track driving, 
  • Engineer a better racecar &
  • Become a better driver coach

* Now includes 90+ Key Takeaways to listen out for in each lesson.
* About The Author and complete lesson list (inc FREE samples) below.
* To accompany the book - 
The Motorsports Playbook [Vol 1]

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome To The Motorsports Playbook!

    2. Why The Blog? - A Professional Approach

    3. Why Race? Is "Serious Fun" A Good Approach?

    4. Keeping It Simple

    1. Intro

    2. Conquering Nerves

    3. Smooth Is Fast

    4. Developing Your Circuit Playbook

    5. Difference Between Road & Track Driving

    6. What Makes The Best Drivers?

    7. The Analytical Racer

    8. Understanding Your Racecar

    9. Mastering Braking And Corner Entry

    10. Starting Out With Race Driver Data Analysis

    11. What To Prioritise For Fast Lap Times

    12. Developing Race Craft Skills

    13. Mind Management

    1. Intro

    2. Coaching Prevalence & Purpose

    3. The More That We Learn, The Less We Know

    4. The Best Skill Development Approaches

    5. Re-Defining A Win

    6. Getting Great Driver Feedback

    7. Importance Of Driver Confidence

    8. Performance Planning & Marginal Gains

    9. Becoming A More Effective Communicator

    10. Adopting A Growth Mindset

    11. What Not To Do Coaching

    1. Intro

    2. The Art Of Great Note Taking

    3. The Role Of Data

    4. The Role of Simulation

    5. Lessons From F1 - Methodical Discovery

    6. Lessons From F1 - ABA Testing

    7. Learning What Works For You

    8. How To Setup A Racecar Really Well

    9. Understanding Dampers (Finally!)

    10. Wet Setup Secrets

    11. The Mystery Of Tyres

    12. To Finish First, First Have To Finish

    1. Nothings For Nothing

    2. What Do Businesses Want? (And Not Want!)

    3. Actionable Ideas You Can Try

About this course

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  • 45 lessons

About The Author

Hi 👋 , I’m Samir Abid, an engineer from Warwickshire in the UK.

For the first 10 years of my career I worked in vehicle dynamics. I developed suspension systems for road and racing cars, inc Aston Martin and a Daytona 500 winning, Daytona Prototype!

Since 2010 I have run a sports engineering consultancy. I have also been an Associate Fellow at Warwick Business School. Ranked 1st in the world by the Financial Times (2020), I supervise Distance Learning MBA students to write their final dissertations. I’ve used many of the social science research methods I teach to distill the lessons found in this book.


Ross Bentley

Samir has a knack for drawing out the best tips, tricks and pieces of advice from his podcast guests.