The Motorsports Playbook Vol 1 [eBook]

A curated collection of bite-size lessons from episodes 1-20 of the Your Data Driven Podcast.
Battle-hardened wisdom from the worlds best motorsports professionals - distilled into 33 video lessons on Driving, Coaching & Race Engineering.

Now includes 94 Key Takeaways from each lesson.

The Motorsports Playbook [Vol 1]

150 page eBook with 33 short lessons distilled from episodes 1-20 of the Your Data Driven podcast. .

Whether you are wondering:
  • How to manage your nerves?
  • How the best drivers brake?
  • How you should setup your race car for the wet?
  • What dampers really do (and why dampers are so important!)
  • How you can be a great driver coach, 
  • What is the best way to run a test day, or 
  • What the club racer can learn from how a Formula 1 team operates - then all of that is covered and more ... 
Use these online lessons to:
  • Improve your track driving, 
  • Engineer a better racecar &
  • Become a better driver coach

PDF & EPUB versions BOTH included.

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  1. The Motorsports Playbook Vol 1 [eBook]

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About The Author

Hi 👋 , I’m Samir Abid, an engineer from Warwickshire in the UK.

For the first 10 years of my career I worked in vehicle dynamics. I developed suspension systems for road and racing cars, inc Aston Martin and a Daytona 500 winning, Daytona Prototype!

Since 2010 I have run a sports engineering consultancy. I have also been an Associate Fellow at Warwick Business School. Ranked 1st in the world by the Financial Times (2020), I supervise Distance Learning MBA students to write their final dissertations. I’ve used many of the social science research methods I teach to distill the lessons found in this book.


Ross Bentley

Samir has a knack for drawing out the best tips, tricks and pieces of advice from his podcast guests.