What would a Pro racing driver do in your racing car?

If you are curious to know:
  • How fast a Pro driver would go in your racing car?
  • What would they do differently to you? 
  • What racing line they would take?
  • What braking points do they use?
  • Which gear do they select? 
  • The tricks they use to maximise ALL the tyres grip. 
  • How to apply this to your own race driving? (Even without a Pro in your car ...)

... then perhaps this 1 hour class is for you ... ?

Clarity & Confidence

You want certainty on how to drive faster.

Putting a Pro in your car would surely demonstrate that your race car could do faster lap times. You know that deep inside but how can you learn from that?

Data promises to help you uncover the precise winning secrets of the Pros.
However for many, interpreting your data presents problems of its own:
  • Where should you start, when analysing your Pro's data?
  • What can you really expect to learn? 
  • How can you apply the knowledge to improve your own driving?
  • And, what can you do with your data when you DON'T have a Pro driver to compare against?

This beginners class is about helping you finding out for sure.

Scott Mansell (Driver61)

Pro driver Scott Mansell (Driver61) recently drove my racing car and put in an amazing display.

Find out precisely what he does differently and how you can use the same approaches in your own racing.

1 Hour Analysis Masterclass

Think of this class is a practical, easy to digest worked example. One where you get to sit on my shoulder and see exactly how to interpret motorsports data and form a concrete driving plan to go faster.

Working through the approaches taught in depth in
The Complete Beginners Guide To Motorsports Data Analysis you will see exactly what Scott Mansell was doing to make him so fast.

You might be surprised that even Pro drivers can find areas to improve using these methods - I take you through all this and more.

By the end of this 1 hour Masterclass you will:
  • Know precisely what sets the Pro's apart from the rest of us,
  • See the best racing line to take, 
  • Know the best gears to be in for each corner,
  • Be certain exactly how and where to brake around the lap,
  • Discover how to assess if the driver is using all grip of the tyres,
  • See how this knowledge can be distilled into a simple driving plan you know will be faster,
  • But, most importantly, you'll be able to start to use your own data to discover these same race winning insights for yourself.

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See you inside ... 

John Norrington (Racing Driver & Instructor)

"Very Very Good"

Jonathan Lisseter

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