If You Have Ever Wondered ...

  • Why is one driver faster than the other?

  • Where should I start with data analysis?

  • How can I compare different drivers braking points?

  • Can I easily work out how hard a driver was braking? If so how?

  • How should I use on-board video in driver assessment?

  • Is it possible to see how much lap time was gained or lost through a corner?

  • How much grip are the drivers using - and how can I tell?

  • Can I compare the drivers turn-in points for a corner? If so how?

  • How can I turn this new insight into faster lap times on the actual track!? 😉

Working Out Your Driving Game Plan

Your challenge as a track driver is to develop a plan to navigate the track as fast as possible. You can do this by trial and error - with seat time and experience. You might become faster than anyone you know this way but you will always be limited. Your speed will be limited, if not by your budget then certainly by your experience and your time.

Motorsports and track driving is complex. There are many factors that affect your speed and your lap times.

You want to know you are doing the best with what you can control.
Without an objective measure you can never know how well you are doing for sure. Lap times comparisons are objective but they are also influenced by many factors outside your control - like car differences and the rain!

Motorsports data offers you a solution here. An ability for you to see more clearly through this fog of complexity. To answer your questions on how to go faster, how to approach a corner, when and where to brake, what gear to choose ... and much more.

This mini-course offers you a guided insight into what is possible. A simple, practical worked example to show you how to start doing data analysis for yourself.

Learn more about the course and your instructor below:

Author - Samir Abid

Race Engineer from Warwickshire UK.

Founder & Coach Samir Abid

Hi there, I’m Samir Abid, race engineer and club racer from Warwick, UK.

I help drivers work out how they can go faster on track. An engineer, driver coach and educator, I help motorsports folks simplifying the complexity, filling in the gaps and learn from the pro's.

In my career, I've developed tyre and suspension systems for brands such as Aston Martin and Multimatic Motorsports. Unusually, I've also helped professional sports teams to win 46 Olympic gold medals and Eliud Kipchogue to be the first man ever to run a marathon in under 2 hours.

During these experiences, I have seen the struggles, frustration and intimidation people have with numbers, data and setup. I’m excited to share a few of my most useful insights, practical tips and tricks through these resources.

Course Format

This mini-course is in video format. It is short and sharp but there is a lot covered. Watch each video as much as you like. There is also a fun mini-quiz at the end to see if you were paying attention! You'll also find some suggestions for next steps.

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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome To The Course

    2. Pro v Am - Who was faster?

    3. Have You Used All Your Tyres Potential Grip?

    4. Corner Analysis And Use Of Onboard Video

    5. Speed Trace & Time Slip

    6. Steering & Brake Analysis

    7. Applying Advanced Driving Techniques

    8. Making Your Driving Game Plan

    1. Data For Track Drivers - Next steps


    3. Data For Track Drivers Mini-Course: Quiz

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