Why A Webinar?

Get clear answers + Learn from other peoples questions

Whenever I run a workshop, the Q&A section is super valuable. People ask good questions you may never have thought of. Your understanding gets clarified.

What Can You Ask?

Have you ever been unsure of how to go faster?... Well, what if you could ask a friendly race engineer for advice?... You might have questions on:

  • Race Car Setup

    Perhaps you've been wondering how to get the most grip from your tyres? What about understanding how to tune the balance of your car? How about knowing how to run an effective test day?

  • Using Data

    You might have questions on where to start with data. Whether it is worth it. How to get more from what you are already doing. How to simplify your processes. You might have questions on specific kit you are looking to purchase.

  • Driving & Coaching

    What are the secrets to driving faster? Where is that last half second coming from? As a coach (or self-coach) how can you better prepare? What is worth doing and what is not? If you use a sim, how can you get better? How can you use your any seat time more effectively?

  • ... or you can ask me anything you like!

Fantastic Style

by T Roberts

"Your presentation style is fantastic - your authority around the topic comes through without being condescending. You sure know your stuff."

What Can You Expect?

Think fireside chat - with you asking the questions!

This webinar will be casual. I will look something like you see in the picture. I will do a quick intro and then spend the next hour answering your questions. There won't be any slides or pitches. The goal is simply to give you a chance to pick my brains, and for me to share my ideas and experience to help you. Simple.

When Is It?

13 December 2022 - 18:00 GMT

  • Full Recording Included

  • Submit question beforehand if you can't make the live event

  • Expected duration approx 1+ hour

Limited availability

Space will be limited. Previous events have sold out. Register now to guarantee your seat.

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Who's This For?

People wanting to learn more so they can go faster.

  • Racing Drivers

  • HPDE / Track day Drivers

  • Race Mechanics

  • Support Crew

New Personal Best

by J Rassool

"I've had a track day since your workshop, and your methods helped me shave 5 seconds off of my PB."

Who's This NOT For?

Aimed at the amateur circuit driver, this webinar is not for:

  • Professional Engineers - Although you're welcome to share your experiences too

  • People who (intentionally!) drive off road - e.g. gravel, dirt or grass

  • Silver bullet hunters - This session is about me doing my best to help you to help yourself in future. There are few simple answers - and that's the fun!

Who Is Engineer Samir?

Founder & Coach Samir Abid

Hi there, I’m Samir Abid, race engineer and club racer from Warwick, UK.

I help drivers work out how they can go faster on track. An engineer, driver coach and educator, I help motorsports folks simplifying the complexity, filling in the gaps and learn from the pro's.

In my career, I've developed tyre and suspension systems for brands such as Aston Martin and Multimatic Motorsports. Unusually, I've also helped professional sports teams to win 46 Olympic gold medals and Eliud Kipchogue to be the first man ever to run a marathon in under 2 hours.

During these experiences, I have seen the struggles, frustration and intimidation people have with numbers, data and setup. I’m excited to share a few of my most useful insights, practical tips and tricks through these resources.


  • How do I submit questions?

    In the webinar you will see a public chat system. You can comment and ask questions here. If you're up for it, I believe I can also bring you "on stage" if you want to ask you question via your webcam - but that is totally non-essential!

  • How long is the session?

    1 hour is the plan. However I'm happy to play this a little by ear to ensure everyones questions are accommodated.

  • Can I submit questions ahead of time?

    Yes. If you have a particular question for me, or will only be able to catch the reply, then email any questions you have after signing up.

  • Will I get a recording?

    Yes. You will receive a link to a full recording after the session. Keep it for your records and review at your own pace, on your own time. If you book but then can't attend you will not miss out. Rest assured you will still get your link to the event recording as soon as they go out - normally within 24 hours.

  • Do I need any special software?

    No. The system I'm using enables you to attend with one click right in the browser. It works on mobile, tablet and pc.

  • Can I ask you about tyres or data or other things covered in your courses?

    Absolutely. It will be a pleasure to answer any questions you have, on any topic. If there are particular resources within the courses then I'm happy to share these with you to help answer the question.

  • What if you can't / don't answer my question?

    I will endeavour to ensure everyones questions get answered during the session. I've allocated an hour but I'm happy to continue for a reasonable amount of time past that in order to ensure everyone gets the best answer I can give. If we do run out of time or if you have followup questions, then I will support you via email.

  • I have other questions

    Feel free to reach out to me on email at hello@ yourdatadriven.com if you have other questions. Happy to help.